Limited Edition Moots Silver Road Head Badge

Limited Edition Moots Silver Road Head Badge


We have had our head badge artist Michael Cherney create this beauty for the Moots road bike owner that has just about everything, or that special build of a lifetime. Made in a very small batch, this Limited Edition Head Badge will take the place of your existing Moots modern-era head badge.

Michael Cherney is a jeweler by trade, an artist that has perfected his craft. His work is mind blowing and we are fortunate to have him create the badges that grace our bikes.

The Moots silver head badge is built using an investment cast & lost wax process. The badges are 1 troy ounce of Sterling Silver and are completely hand done from start to finish. We have 8 of these for sale in this batch. We are not sure we will do more.

You can read more about the badge and the process here:



***Please note this will only fit on 44mm head tubes***



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