Experience + True + Freedom -- Moots Rider Event
Experience + True + Freedom -- Moots Rider Event

Experience + True + Freedom -- Moots Rider Event

Come Join Moots for an exciting adventure and EXPERIENCE + TRUE + FREEDOM in the Ozark Mountains

What is this?

Moots is hosting its first ever EXPERIENCE + TRUE + FREEDOM Moots Riders event In partnership with the Bike Route, District Bicycles and Victory Bicycle Studio. We are basing this event in Ponca, AR in what we hope will be the first of many across the US. We recently held a similar event in Ponca with just close friends and had such an amazing time that we wanted to recreate the experience to share with others.

This trip embodies what we at Moots love the most about cycling: good friends, great food and awesome times on the bike.

This isn’t a race, we will have a plan to accommodate all skill levels; yet this is sure to result in a truly memorable three days of riding. Moots will have our demo fleet on site. Our President, Drew Medlock, and Owner, Brent Whittington, will be in attendance. Both Drew and Brent will be riding with guests and sharing with the group some of the cool things we are doing at Moots.

This event is open to existing Moots Riders as well as others interested in an awesome experience.

If you’re not a Moots Rider yet, you can work to reserve your own Moots for this trip through our collaborating dealers. There won’t be a better opportunity to demo one of our bikes and learn why our Moots Riders are so passionate about the brand.

Please reserve your spot ASAP as there is limited availability. This is an exclusive event with each of our dealers named above allotted five spots. The cost is $1,000 per person and includes two nights lodging, three days of guided riding, car support, and all food throughout the entire period. We will provide wine each evening for dinner, but everyone should plan to bring their favorite beer for post ride refreshments. Given we’ve got groups coming from 3 different regions, it will be fun to compare the variety of choices. When – Book your calendar for October 24-26, 2019


We’ve got a beautiful lodge reserved that accommodates up to 20 guests. This is one of the most beautiful areas of Arkansas and sits atop a gorgeous ridge near the Buffalo National Forest and Ozark National Forest. We will be staying at a lodge owned by the Buffalo Outdoor Center called the Riverwind Lodge. They have a large kitchen, and a hot tub available. It should be a perfect spot as a base camp for three days of riding in the beautiful Ozark Mountains.

See this site for more info


The Details:

• Plan to arrive at the Buffalo Outdoor Center in Ponca, AR at 11:30AM on October 24. We will have lunch, work to get bikes setup, and be ready to ride no later than 2PM. For those riding a Moots demo, your dealer will provide fit information to us at Moots and we’ll have a start on the correct setup, making this a quicker experience so we can roll out on time.

• What will there be to eat? – Always the first thing you need to know. We will make arrangements for meals with either a local restaurant or chef and will be sure to have plenty so we are well fed. We plan to provide breakfast on the 25th and 26th as well as dinner on the 24th and 25th. We’ll be sure we’ve got wraps for lunch on the road for PB&J and we’ll also have the chance to stop by a restaurant perhaps (it’s the Ozarks after all) for a bite. To the extent there are special dietary needs, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate, but can not guarantee our ability to meet those needs, so if absolutely critical – bring your own.

• Will there be alcohol? – Absolutely. As per above, Moots will be providing wine for dinner each evening and would ask each participant to bring their own beer, having fun comparing the varieties that are there from the different regions. In our last trip, the biggest homerun on beer was from a home brewer with his own special porter that was quite the treat after dinner.

• Where will I ride? – That is the question. The Ozark Mountains offer some of the most beautiful gravel roads in Arkansas and it is chunky for sure with a number of really steep climbs. There will be a few very scenic spots to get off the bike for a short hike as well. Routes will be shared in advance so you can load on your GPS unit. Count on a 30-40 mile ride Thursday and Saturday and an approximate 80 mile loop on Friday. The Friday route has a great option to reduce that mileage to about 45-50 as well, which a number of people did on the previous trip and it is still amazing. Remember, this is gravel in the Ozarks, so it isn’t easy. We aren’t racing, yet want all to push themselves so they have a great ride and the groups will naturally split I’m sure.

• Will I have support? Yes. We will have car support providing food and snacks as well as mechanical assistance if possible. We’ll be sure we’ve got stashes of energy bars and gel, along with Lays potato chips and some raisins, peanuts and M&M mix. Perhaps even the popular Moon Pies will be available. You still need to carry all you need to keep your bike rolling as if you were self-supported as the Ozarks are remote and cell coverage is rare. This trip is not meant to be the Four Seasons and is more akin to riding with a group of friends, so you need to be prepared to support yourself and get back to the lodge. If possible, we will provide sag but that likely means hanging in a support vehicle the remainder of the day as that sole vehicle will be supporting the last rider.

• What should I bring? – Clearly your gravel bike or mountain bike and riding gear.
Weather in the Ozarks can be variable so plan accordingly. This means be prepared for heat, cold and certainly rain. If interested in the hot tub be sure to bring a swim suit. Any specific ride nutrition, hydration, chamois lube, sunscreen, etc.

• How many will be in attendance? We are expecting about 18-20 total participants, including those from Moots and the support crew. It will be a really special experience mixing guests from each of the three amazing shops supporting this event.

• How much does this cost? As stated above, $1,000 per person is the cost. There is no tipping allowed, so that is your cost. Only other cost for you as a participant is your own beer stash.

• What is needed from me? A couple of things, most importantly:

1.) Reach out to either Moots or your local dealer as stated above to reserve your spot asap. A refundable deposit of $350 is due immediately and the remaining $650 will be due 30 days prior to the event. Any cancellation 60 days in advance will result in a refund of the deposit, but no refunds will be granted for cancellations 30 days prior to the event start date. 

2.) Please advise Moots of any special dietary requests by sending an email to brent@moots.com

3.) A true sense of adventure is required. In true Moots style, this isn’t meant to be a Four Seasons travel experience. Rather, this is a group of friends riding together in an amazing setting all having the time of their lives--this means you look out for you and respect all others who are there to enjoy themselves.

• What if I want to buy my own Moots? Well, we certainly hope you will and are confident you’ll be ready for your own after spending a few days riding it in the Ozarks. In the event you buy a Moots, your dealer and Moots will offer a $500 discount if the order is placed within 30 days after the event.

• Something to Consider: It’s worth sticking around for a day or two afterward if you can swing it. There are amazing mountain bike trails in the area (Upper Buffalo Mt. Bike Trail, an IMBA EPIC) and of course the beautiful Buffalo National River is usually perfect for floating this time of year. This is your pro tip for the trip! Places book up fast in the Ozarks during the summer, so call the Buffalo Outdoor Center soon or look online to find accommodations that suit your needs.




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