During our 2010 photo shoot we captured some great images that really struck a chord with us.  Turning some of those images into catalogue photos and ad photos was the goal of the shoot, but once we started looking at some of the best photos, posters soon came to mind.  We’ve picked out the 2011 catalogue cover shot, and a mountain single track shot, and the shot of the gloves in our bead blaster as our 2011 30th anniversary poster series. 

All posters are of the highest-frame worthy quality and printed on heavy poster stock.  There are 3 total in the series.


Captured on  Wyoming Trail 1101 just north of our home in Steamboat Springs, this area saw one of the largest blown down events in recent times, followed by a devastating fire that left thousands of acres of charred land and vegetation behind.  As seen in the photo, the reminders are still there, vegetation has come back in full force, but dead standing trees still dot the landscape.   The Wyoming 1101 Trail cuts through this unique area and offers some of the best single track in Northwest Colorado.




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